How we helped BrokerEngine
to create new effective tools
for BrokerEngine Web Application




UI/UX Design, Web App Design,
Responsive Design, FinTech Design


2+ months




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BrokerEngine is the first and only
mortgage broker software guaranteed to
grow your revenue while working fewer
hours, with push-button automation and
workflows that free you up to focus on
your highest-value activities.

Our team has worked on 3 projects:

1. BrokerVision - broker-client
collaboration tool

2. Presentation Builder

3. BrokerWizard - tool for no-hassle
work with deal data

Automating the automatable, so you can free up the broker and team for higher-value
client-facing activity

Project goals

Upgrade overall product style, look and feel,
as our client said: “to make it sexy”

Design An effective collaboration tool that helps
customers and brokers in a quick and easy way
to communicate and collect all the data
that is needed for getting a mortgage

Create a tool for easy presentation creation
for brokers

Simplify the user experience
for the BrokerWizard tool

Business Goals

Present new tools to the market to get
new customers and retain the old one

To convince new customers by demonstrating
easy-to-use new products


Project Challenges


Update design style based on
the initial requirements and
industry standards

Help brokers and customers collect
and keep all the needed details and
data in one place so As not to lose
smth during the communication

Rethink the presentation
creation approach specifically
for Brokers

Decide on how to simplify the user
experience for a Wizard tool


Our Approach

Together with our customer we’ve used a mix of lean
and data-driven approaches.


1. Discovery & Strategy

Understand the business, customers,
product, and market.
Business and project requirements review,
Plan to go, Product Audit.

2. Product definition

Define the product: revisited and created User Flow,
Informational Architecture and features.

Discuss Define Design Check

3. Visual design

Brand visual identity, high fidelity mockups,
specs, and metrics.

Discuss Define Design Check

4. Deliverables

Delivering development assets,
graphics, icons, etc.


Our solutions

Updated Overall
Look and Feel

LeverageUX team has updated old-fashioned style
to elegant & minimalistic design with right
priorities and accents using the basic
style requirements and our creativeness.

Revisited the broker-client
collaboration approach

We have revisited the process of collaboration
between broker and client, made it more smooth and
organized for both sides. Now it, using the system,
broker and client could get to their aim -
get a mortgage - faster and easier.

Simplified the User Experience
for Templates Creation
and Communication

Our design team has collected all the inputs from the
industry experts and defined the key priority things
we need to improve the user experience. We’ve accented
our attention on templates for brokers and
quick communication between broker and client.



Final Deliverables


3 Web-applications:


BrokerEngine is our long-term partner and
the tools we are helping to deliver, help brokers
to optimize their working process,
make everything more organized.

With the help of BrokerEngine Apps, their
customers can increase their revenue decreasing
the working time up to